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Today, more than at any other time in Australia's history, it is vital that water conservation and water use efficiency are a central part of any community and business activity.

Every community, business, and household - whether large or small, city or town - around Australia has a wastewater concern of some degree or another. Whether it is ageing and deficient infrastructure or system, high maintenance costs, type of treatment, disposal of effluent, and efficiency and type of water re-use system, there is one constant … there will always be a wastewater problem that needs to be confronted.

Have you ever noticed how the "wastewater issue" rises and falls with the drought cycle?

In times of drought the focus is turned to how best to optimise wastewater once the "waste" is taken out.

It really shouldn't take a drought to focus attention on wastewater.

A “water crisis” seems to be always just around the corner. Today, there is no such thing as “wastewater”, only water that can be treated to have another use and to optimise its potential.

What about that term "Wastewater"?

It does not accurately reflect the principles about water conservation and water re-use. Water should not be wasted. However, the term is commonly used today and refers to water that has been contaminated by human ablutions and human cleaning activities, and by industrial processes. 

Wastewater is therefore “wasted” after its initial use and is generally transferred in a pipe system to a treatment process.

Simple thinking, natural solutions

Outlined below are general solutions that have all been developed in-house for actual projects. The approaches can be applied to many communities, industries, and households, so if you can identify your particular issue with these, then myEngineerOnline can help.

  • Re-thinking centralised wastewater treatment systems … a "neighbourhood" approach
  • Watch your infrastructure or pay the cost
  • Reed bed wastewater treatment for the winery industry
  • Natural wastewater treatment and re-use for households, schools, and urban areas using reed beds


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For natural wastewater treatment and treated water re-use, here's the place to start … Domestic Reed Bed Systems

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