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The D-I-Y Easy Fit Bridge Solution

The need for small bridge crossings is everywhere. Across creeks and watercourses, access to separated parts of properties, walking and bike trails, and access to houses across difficult terrain, or anywhere requiring access for small vehicles.

The Easy Fit evolved from a need for lower cost and simple access solutions. It is suitable for loads up to about 2 tonnes, but can be rapidly scaled up to accommodate heavier loads up to about 4 tonnes.

The procedure for construction of an Easy Fit includes the following;

  • Site assessment including watercourse flooding potential and creek or crossing profile. Site levels would be necessary.
  • Soil conditions for placement of footings for the bridge. Generally, concrete pad footings of a particular size are all that are necessary, but it’s best to obtain a soil profile if possible.
  • Structural design and bridge plans.
  • Council and/or catchment authority approval (if required).
  • Steel components preparation by a local steel fabrication business.
  • Site work including all-weather access to the site, excavation for footings and subsequent placement of concrete.
  • Machinery hire for placement of beams.
  • Installation of decking and handrails or safety rails (if required).
  • Construction of erosion control (if required).

The Cost

To get an accurate cost of an Easy Fit involves more than just the cost of the materials.

The two main cost areas are MATERIALS  and INSTALLATION.

Materials costs will generally be similar for a basic bridge structure from site to site, although transport might be an important factor. 

The type of deck used can also affect the overall cost. The Easy Fit system involves using either treated pine sleepers or “Bridgeply" or “Bridgewood". Hardwood sleepers can also be used.

Other variable costs include whether kerbs, handrails, or safety rails are needed.

Installation costs might vary significantly from one site to another. All sites have different characteristics.

Assembly of steel components could vary, and will depend on the availability of a steel fabricator to prepare the various components, which are beams and bracing.

myEngineerOnline does not provide a construction service. We provide a preliminary desktop site assessment, structural analysis, and construction plans.

So, if you’re seeking a cost to help make a decision, you will need to work through some of the procedures already described.

And then if you need a small bridge, check out the Easy Fit 12 and the Easy Fit 14.

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