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Sustainable Warehouse

The vast majority of warehouse buildings, whether large or small, constructed today are made from steel. 

Steel is an efficient material to use, it is strong, and is durable.

But there’s another material that is under-rated when it come to shed construction - timber!

There are numerous types of structural timbers available today - laminated (both vertically and horizontally), hybrid ply and pine elements, plywood, strand boards, and of course sawn timbers.

In building construction, wood is at the apex of sustainability. Few other materials  can match it. 

Features of Wood  

  • a natural product 
  • stores carbon 
  • flexible, easy to use, versatile, strong
  • can (and should) be sourced from plantations, not old growth forests
  • is a sustainable material

A Sustainable Warehouse 

The photo below is of a warehouse that I designed and constructed using LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and clad with Hebel panels.

For durability, insulation, fire resistance, and ease of construction, it is difficult to beat this structure for sustainability.

Designed as a portal frame, the structure is connected with plywood gussets nailed to the column and rafter elements.

Full structural details and plans are available. 

Make an enquiry on the CONTACT form. 

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