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Wind Generator 

Have you ever wanted to generate your own power using wind?

Since 1999 I have been off-grid and have generated all household electricity from solar and wind. Here’s an example of a small-scale wind generator that provides additional energy to a 12 v refrigerator system. The 48 v house system is in the foreground, and has been oiperating since 2000.

This is the power system at our strawbale house at “Aristida Drift”. It began in 1999 with a 12v system consisting of 4 x 80w solar panels and 2 x 12v wind turbines. The system was upgraded in 2001 to 48v following the first renewable energy rebate. But the 12v system was retained because we had already purchased a 12v refrigerator/freezer.

In 2015, what is shown in the photo are;

  • 48v solar array (on a tilting frame), now operating for 15 years (at March 2015)
  • 12v solar array (on a tilting frame and consisting of a range of new and S/H panels); it might look a bit untidy but these panels, including two original 64w BP Solar panels, work well
  • 400w Air 403 12v wind turbine (recommissioned in 2014 after initially being used in the original hybrid system)

If you look closely, there are some additional features - a Solco solar hot water heater on the roof, composting toilet, rainwater storage, and vegetable garden with shade cloth protection (behind the garden shed). These features, and a whole lot more, are all part of House and Habitat (to be published soon!)

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