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The Reed Bed Book

THE REED BED BOOK ON NATURAL WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT is possibly the most comprehensive design guide produced on reed bed treatment of domestic wastewater.

It’s now in its Second Edition.

If you've ever wondered what reed beds are, how they are designed, and how treated water can be safely used in your garden or anywhere on your property, then here is the answer.


What is a Reed Bed Wastewater Treatment System?

It is simply a container (e.g. a tank) or series of containers in or on the ground where wastewater enters from the household septic tank. The wastewater is stored for up to five days to allow biological processes to take place. 

These natural processes involve aquatic plants to remove pollutants. Following the detention period, the resulting treated water can then be transferred to sub-surface drip irrigation to provide valuable water to the garden and lawns and trees.

Hundreds of reed bed systems have been installed around Australia since they became popular in the early 1990's. And there's a reason for that. They are a proven method for the natural treatment of domestic wastewater to a standard that will allow safe re-use.

The Reed Bed Book 

Until relatively recent times there were all types of reed bed systems that enterprising people installed. Some of these systems didn't function as well as they could have. Small budgets, cost-cutting, short cuts, and the use of inferior materials are a sure-fire way to ensure a short life and inadequate performance.

State wastewater codes and the Australian Standard AS 1547: 2012 Onsite domestic wastewater management have now ensured that acceptable standards of design and construction shall apply to reed bed systems.

Over the years I have witnessed various types of reed bed systems. Some of these were based on guess-work, some on the experiences of others, but nearly all were absent of technical design. 

So, having been involved in the design of reed bed wastewater treatment systems since 1998, I thought it was time that a comprehensive design guide on reed bed systems and the re-use of treated water was produced to help not only the property owner (the householder) but also the designer (consultant), educators, regulators, agencies, and installers.

The First Edition of the book was published in 2014.

The Second Edition is a major revision, and includes significant updates in aspects about treated water disposal.

But the big change is the “new generation” reed bed - the Reed ePod.

The Reed Bed Book is the culmination of my many years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of reed bed wastewater treatment. 

Inside the book are the design procedures for reed bed wastewater treatment and treated water re-use using either sub-surface drip irrigation or Low Pressure Effluent Distribution (LPED). Plans for both the trench and trough reed bed systems are also included.

And then a new generation reed bed is introduced - the Reed ePod.

This system is unique, but very simple in its function. 

The Reed Bed Book is a very comprehensive design manual for everyone - engineers, consultants, wastewater designers, plumbers, installers, owners, approving authorities, environmental officers in local government.

Here’s what’s in the Second Edition of the book.

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THIS IS NOT A HARD COPY BOOK. IT IS DOWNLOADED AFTER PURCHASE. The book image is for illustration purposes.

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