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Release of The Reed Bed Book 

After nearly 6 months (not all full-time) of writing, re-writing, and revision, one of my key projects is now available. 


Written in two volumes for people with specific interests respectively in either the design or the installation of reed bed treatment systems, The Reed Bed Book is the culmination of many years of my involvement in the design of reed bed systems. 

With more than 60 reed bed systems designed for households, schools, tourist facilities, and winery establishments during the past 15 years, I thought it was time to write the 'ultimate' guide.

VOLUME 1 is all about the design procedures for reed bed wastewater treatment and treated water re-use in sub-surface irrigation. This volume is suited for designers and educators.

VOLUME 2 contains plans for both the trench and trough reed bed systems, a typical materials list, and the Installation-Operation-Maintenance Guide.
This volume is for property owners, installers and operators.

Depending on your particular needs and requirements, either of the two volumes could be purchased, but for a complete package, here is what is available.

THE COMPLETE GUIDE On The Design, Construction, And Maintenance Of Reed Bed Domestic Wastewater Treatment And Treated Water Use

The Complete Guide is for anyone who wants to design, approve, own, operate, or install domestic wastewater reed bed treatment systems, including sub-surface drip irrigation systems using the resulting treated water.

For more details about the contents and pricing of each of Volumes 1 and 2 and The Complete Guide ...
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