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myEO is your online engineer

It's been several years in the making - on again, off again, on again.

Many interruptions, diversions, travels, and just getting together all my stuff. But at last myEO is up and running. 

So, what is myEngineerOnline all about? Why have I set up a site devoted to engineering solutions for the general community? 

The reason why is because there's not much information on the web that can be found all in one place for the general community - the type of work that I've been doing for many years. Every day, someone somewhere needs an engineering answer, a solution to a problem, a solution for an idea, or maybe just an idea. 

Let's see what's here ...

  • sustainable design, alternative energy, alternative building materials, energy-efficient design
  • house plans 
  • house and property inspection reports
  • a new way for sustainable retirement village design
  • engineering solutions for housing
  • all about soils (for house footings, treated water disposal, irrigation systems, dam construction, and more)
  • natural wastewater treatment and water re-use
  • all about community wastewater schemes and their monitoring and assessment
  • timber warehouse design
  • farm buildings' design, sheds large and small
  • a farm bridge system developed in-house - this can be used on minor rural roads 
  • water storage and farm dam design
  • shop plans
  • industrial buildings design
  • reports, guides, and manuals on many subjects
  • environmental management systems, urban transitions
  • new ways for rural communities
  • and much more - the list is extensive

Have a look around, and if you're not sure about anything or you have a question, please use the Contact form. I'll do my best to give you a prompt reply.

myEO will continue to have content added. For example, there will be new house plans, industrial shed plans, designs, reports and how-to guides that will be added to the SHOP from time to time. Maybe there's something there that interests you. 

Welcome to myEO … your very own Engineer Online.

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