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Release of The Reed Bed Book

After nearly 6 months (not all full-time) of writing, re-writing, and revision, one of my key projects is now available. 


Written in two volumes for people with specific interests respectively in either the design or the installation of reed bed treatment systems, The Reed Bed Book is the culmination of many years of my involvement in the design of reed bed systems. 

Home design & building mistakes

MISTAKE NO. 1 - the "McMansion"

Why are these buildings still being constructed? It's become a blight in affluent societies. Every participant in the building industry - from home design conception, through to approval, sales and marketing - are contributors to this problem. 

There is no logic to these buildings. The only explanation is that people have greater spending power, and a lot more money, than the home owners of the 1970's. 

myEO is your online engineer

It's been several years in the making - on again, off again, on again.

Many interruptions, diversions, travels, and just getting together all my stuff. But at last myEO is up and running. 

So, what is myEngineerOnline all about? Why have I set up a site devoted to engineering solutions for the general community? 

The reason why is because there's not much information on the web that can be found all in one place for the general community - the 

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