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Every plan shown in the Gallery is unique, and has been designed and drafted in-house. You will find care and attention to detail in every plan.

When you purchase one of our plan-sets, you are guaranteed that it has been produced in our office and is unique. 


Therefore you will need to decide carefully on a design that suits your requirements and also a design that will stand the test of time.

To help you with developing your ideas and to make those important decisions, the house designs presented here are available in two different modes.

Plan Review Set

Building Plan Set 

Each is available in a PDF document from a DOWNLOAD link after purchase.

Some important points

Because every site has different conditions - soil type and wind loads are two such variables  -  on-site investigation will be required to verify design parameters. For example, soil site classification is a requirement to determine an appropriate  footing design.

Some plans may have required additional engineering input, and those details are also included in the plan sets, with the exception of footings &/or slab systems and particular bracing requirements to suit wind load conditions.   

Footings and floor slab details may be illustrated on some plans for guidance and to demonstrate a possible solution. However, these details should not be used unless confirmed by site investigations.

All design formats are issued a License granting permission to the purchaser to use the plans for a once-only personal use. Should variations to the plans be preferred, please use the CONTACT form with your request.

Copyright is attached to all plans. You may print copies for your own use, but you should not forward on a copy of the files to any other party, or copy or reproduce the files in any form and by any other means and to any scale
(regardless of how minor an alteration may be) to be forwarded on to any other party, without  written permission from us.


At myEngineerOnline we understand how difficult it can be to choose a house plan. We also know how costly it can be.

Here is what we offer to ensure that your decisions are the best you can make, at the least cost.

There are two choices.


This can be selected to help you make decisions about layout, dimensions of rooms, position of rooms, scale of the building, and overall appearance. 

The plans will give you an opportunity to study the design, to view how the house looks, and to help you decide if it suits your needs. 

The plans will not be dimensioned nor annotated. Here's an example from "The Dryandra" house.

And here are further examples illustrating the elevations of a strawbale house and an earth house on sloping sites.

The concept plans are available for a fraction - usually about 10% or less - of the BUILDING PLANS SET price and is a good way to limit your costs before making a final decision.


The BUILDING PLANS SET is the culmination of your decision-making. Once you are satisfied with the layout and the style, it's then time to proceed to the next stage, the "working drawings".

Here's what the Plans Set may include:

  • floor plan fully dimensioned (sometimes including internal fixtures details)
  • elevations with detail notes
  • section details including insulation, materials type, and any special details
  • windows schedule (may be included)
  • floor structure (if other than a concrete floor)
  • concrete floor slab layout (dimensions only, possibly with some engineering details but these will need to be verified by site investigation)
  • roof framing layout (if manufactured trusses not specified)
  • other details if relevant (e.g. decking, balustrade, special features)
  • electrical and plumbing layout plans (these may be suggested as a starting point for further investigations by your builder)

BUILDING PLANS SETS are priced according to the amount of detail provided, and generally (but not necessarily) based on the number of sheets in the set.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at the low cost for such extensive detail.


     The HOUSE FLOOR PLAN + ELEVATIONS are watermarked, but this will not appear if you decide to purchase the BUILDING PLAN SET.

     The purchase of a BUILDING PLAN SET includes a discount of the cost of the purchase of its related HOUSE FLOOR PLAN + ELEVATIONS set.

     If you purchase HOUSE FLOOR PLAN + ELEVATIONS of one particular design but then decide on another BUILDING PLAN SET then the cost of the initial purchase of HOUSE FLOOR PLAN + ELEVATIONS will be refunded from the purchase of your chosen BUILDING PLAN SET. Please use the CONTACT form and advise if this is your case. Following a check of your purchase, a reimbursement will be made to your Paypal account.    


 The plans also include information sheets similar to the following. 


I have conducted more than 500 site investigations and designed hundreds of footing systems in all types of soil conditions.

If you already have a Site Classification Report and have decided to use a concrete slab, then myEngineerOnline can provide advice about the most economical approach for the design of your footings/slab. Excessive design solutions, with significantly greater materials quantities and higher costs, are known to occur, and that's why it's prudent to obtain another opinion.

If you want this additional service, enquire on the CONTACT form.


Some Councils may require further information relating to the site or relating to engineering or structural requirements. It is advised to initially check with the local Council. 

This information could include:

  • Site layout plan
  • Landscape plan
  • Wastewater management plan
  • Bushfire plan

Finally, an Energy Rating Certificate  will be required and this can be obtained from a 
certified provider. Alternatively, and this is allowed under the national Construction Code, a Thermal Assessment Report can be obtained. We can help you by preparing this report.


Go to Planning For Good Design to find out the essential design elements for sustainable houses.

And remember Important Information about payment, refunds, copyright, and license.

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