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Engineering solutions are needed in every facet of our lives … in our homes, on our properties, in cities and towns. Whatever humans are involved in, engineering is responsible for. 

There's almost an engineer for everything! But finding the right one when needed can sometimes be a bit of a problem. 

If you own a home or plan to build one, if you have a wastewater problem, if you have a business that needs some specialised plans, if you need an environmental solution, maybe a structural engineering solution, or if you want to know about engineering for sustainability … then read on. 

What is myEngineerOnline all about?

I'm not an engineer for everything, but throughout my career I've been involved in a lot of different things, and I'd like to share many of these with you in these pages.

myEngineerOnline has been established to help you get easy access to your own personal engineer. 

Whether you're a home owner, small property owner, developer, in industry, in local government technical services, there's most likely something here that will solve your particular problem. And I'm confident in saying, at a significantly cheaper cost.

There are also solutions for community groups, schools, and natural resources managers.

Who is your EngineerOnline?

This is Des Menz

I'm Des Menz and I've been a professional civil/municipal/environmental engineer for many years (more than I'd like to remember!). 

Here's a bit more about myself.

  • Began my career as a railway engineer, then transitioned to a municipal engineer in which I worked for 10 years
  • Became a self-employed consultant in 1989
  • Have qualifications in Management and Environmental Management
  • Obtained a Builder's Licence in the early 1990's
  • Obtained a Permaculture Design Certificate in 1996 (now that's a bit different for an engineer!)

I've put many of my experiences, projects, and assignments into this website, together with new work that I have created.

For a look at another side to me, inHouse-Engineer describes many of my experiences and projects.

I've also been working from home since 2000. It's this experience that has prompted me to create a very different type of home-based business at

Welcome … and I hope you find something here that can solve your particular problem.

If you have a question, go to the CONTACT form, and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

And if you'd like to connect with me, here's how. Click on the links below.



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